Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Kids and Jackets

So Sunday afternoon the kids wanted to go play in the backyard, and of course that's fine with me. Finally some peace and quiet. Now I know I don't live in Northern Michigan or Maine or anything, just the armpit of Central California. The temperature was a balmy 40 something degrees so I told both my kids to wear their jackets and keep them on. Now if you have children, have babysat children or observed someone elses children from a distance you know right away that didn't happen. My 5 year old got hot and took off his brandnew jacket and threw it in the dirt. No big deal, last year I spent alot of the husbands money on a kickass washer and dryer, I know the jacket can be washed. Infact I was shocked the jacket lasted as long as it did, but I wasn't expecting to go out back and find my 5 year old running around in a short sleeve shirt with no shoes in 40ish weather. And what was his reason you ask for taking off his shoes? He knows that I get upset when they jump in water puddles with their $45 sketchers, so instead he was jumping in the puddles barefoot.
I did mention that the puddles were created by my 7 year old right. He thought it might be fun to make ponds for their toys to float in.

So here's my new thought with regard to unsupervised children in their own backyard.

Next time I send the boys out back to play I am first sewing the zipper up on the jackets and then sewing the bottom of the jacket to their pants so they can't pull them over their heads. To avoid the shoe problem I'm really not sure what to do. I could go and get them some punk boots, I mean seriously, with all those zippers and buckles they'd never get them off. Of course now that I've said that they probably will, so instead its a pair of cheap-o Walmart shoes wrapped in duct tape up to their knees. Good luck getting those suckers off now, and do I care if they get wet in the puddles? Nope the shoes and duct tape only cost $5 (I got them at Walmart).

I know some of you are thinking just go out back and watch them play, but seriously that's not gonna happen. Why do you think we bought a house with a backyard? Its not like I'm letting them play in traffic. Now that the chickens are gone (its a sad story, please don't make me tell it) there's really no dangers in the back yard so they can play all they want with no worries. The only danger is the dangers they pose to themselves by taking off their clothes and me finding out!

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  1. ummmm . . . you know that we were WAY worse, right? And we had wells, tack rooms, large animals, (occasionally Dale . . . )
    That being said - you know they'll be even worse. Duct tape never would have stopped us. (especially you, hehe)
    I'm afraid you might have to pull out the big guns - the middle name! gasp!!!