Wednesday, February 10, 2010

How to Pay Your Bills With Food Stamps

Yep, the economic situation this country is in has definitley brought more families into dependence on the government for their food supply and other needs.  Really, I'm serious, so many more people are relying on food stamps to assist them in getting by.   There's over 36 Million people in this country who rely on food stamps.  Let me repeat that.....36 MILLION PEOPLE....Holy shit.  Funny thing about those little government assisted food payment devices, they're not stamps any more, they're a little card just like your ATM or credit cards.  So tell me why do we call them food stamps?  So let me ask you, when was the last time you were asked to show your id when you used your credit card or ATM for groceries? 

This takes me to today's rant...If I have $200 on my "Food Stamp" card and I owe you $70 for something or I need to buy some beer I'll use my food stamps.  I just give you my card and pin number and you can go buy $70 worth of groceries and either cancel my debt or give me $70.  No one knows except you and me that I'm paying off my debts or spending government assistance on beer or drugs.  It's great, I'm living the American Dream off your back and tax dollars.  How about we make them show their id to use their food stamps card.  Oh and while we're at it, make them buy healthy food so I can quit paying for their diabetes with tax payer funded healthcare.  Since when is Pepsi, Doritos and pink snowballs a well balanced meal?

Not everyone gives their food stamps to others to pay for things.  If you live in California you've at some point been approached by someone with broken English trying to sell you tamales in a parking lot out of the back of their car.  Just what I want.  Some homemade tamales (they bought the ingredients with their food stamps, or someone elses) that have been sitting in the back of your car for the last 5 hours while you harass everyone in the store as they go in and come out. 

Listen to me Mr. President....QUIT wasting my Fucking tax dollars on useless fucks!  I guess I shouldn't be surprised that you're wasting my money on useless people, I pay your salary don't I.  As one of your many bosses and in the words of Mr. Trump.....YOUR FIRED!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Stupid People

Have you ever worked with one of those people who is absolutly stupid?  And I mean STUPID!  I have, and luckily I left that branch and thought I didn't have to work with them anymore.  Guess what, I was WRONG, and unfortunatley I have the pleasure of receiving emails daily from this moron asking me the same question, just worded differently.  Can I ignore and blow it off?  Nope, still work for the same company so I have to help her.  It irritates me so much that I have to do this dip shits job and my own.  Shit, fire her dumb ass and give me her paycheck if I'm gonna do her job.  I've never meet someone so inept at doing their job.  Not only is this chick an absolute dumb ass, but she's a fat dumb ass.  Yep, just proving my point that there really is not room in the work force for fat, lazy, stupid people.  For that matter there's no room on the planet for these obese retards!  (I feel bad comparing people who are actually retarded with this loser!)  But seriously, if your too stupid to do your job, you obviously don't deserve it.  If you can't work your going to rely on the government and welfare to take care of you.  Yep, I'm still doing all the work and your sitting on your stupid, lazy, fat ass!  Yep, no place for you on Earth, try Netpune, and leave those of us who are competent and capable of doing our job alone. 

Friday, February 5, 2010

Bikinis and coffee

So I was perusing the headlines on this morning and came across a "tit"ilizing story.  Many people have partaken in that wonderful eating establishment we know for its owl with the big eyes, yep that's right, HOOTERS.  What wife, mother or girlfriend likes this so called restaurant?  Can't think of any.  I guess if you really look at it, its just girls wearing really short shorts and skin tight shirts with huge boobs serving over priced stale beer and mediocre hot wings.  Well they're not running around in pasties and a thong.

Which takes me to back to that news article from Fox News.  Apparently that little known corporation Starbucks is making it really hard for mom and pop coffee houses to break into that mocha market in Washington and Oregon state.  Solution, have the girls making and serving the coffee in a bikini.  Hmmmm, steaming hot coffee and exposed bare flesh, yep not applying for that job.  But seriously, if you read the article it tells about these bikini clad women who aren't really wearing a bikini, but instead more like pasties and crotchless thongs, while performing lewd acts for customers with the whip cream.  Glad I always order my mocha with no whip, can you say herpes?  Anyway, I'm all for the bikini coffee houses, what are you shocked?  How else are these homegrown coffee houses going to compete with the Starbucks next door and across the street?  Let just keep it to a bikini and no naughty stuff while making my drink.....oh yeah and if my husband starts suddenly drinking coffee after this there will be a problem!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Tax Dollars

Well, were getting to that time of year again. Many of us are anxiously looking forward to tax refunds and have already spent them 10 different ways. Me, not looking forward to tax time. I know its hard to believe right. But seriously, every year we end up having to pay taxes to either the state or the feds. I really wouldn't be so upset by this, but in case you don't know I live in the wonderful welfare state of California. That's right, the state where they take my hard earned money and give it to some lazy SOB so they can have a good quality of life. Excuse me but when did your sorry ass become too incompetent to get a job. Just the other day I saw a help wanted sign at Taco Bell, get off your fat ass and go get a job. Start contributing to society instead of sucking us dry. I made the mistake of going to the grocery store on Monday. Why is that a mistake you might ask, well Monday was the 1st of the month (the same day the government gives everyone all my tax money in the form of welfare checks.) Every lazy lowlife in town was at the grocery store stocking up on chips, frozen pizza, hohos and Pepsi. Great, can you say diabetes? I can, but hey why should they worry? They also happen to have great state funded health care paid for with my tax dollars. I mean seriously, do you know what a zucchini looks like? (Only when its deep fried from Carls Jr.) Yep, I'm really dreading tax time, because I know it means some fat, lazy ass loser is going to get more of my money so they can spend it on shit they don't deserve.