Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Well in case you haven't noticed I've been on vacation from my blog for about a year now.  I promise that the new ranting and raving is about to begin. 

Hmmmm where to start....

Well I could begin by putting some cross hairs on a map on my blog and see what the Democrats can blame on me. (I have the utmost sympathy and prayers for the victims of the senseless shooting in Arizona, but hardly think this is the platform for democrats to use to silence the republicans and tea party patriots of our country)

I could go on and on about the new ammunition laws that go into effect on February 1st in the state of California.  Yep this ones great.  If you want to buy ammunition prepare to have your fingerprint taken, your drivers license handy and voluntarily strip searched.  (Ok they aren't strip searching anyone)  But seriously your going to have to jump through hoops to legally purchase ammunition.  Do you really think this is how the criminals are getting their bullets.  Ummmm, NO.  They get their rounds from the guy around the corner selling them out of the trunk of his car, not the local sporting good store.  One thing is for certain, while our government continues to make it harder for honest and law abiding citizens to protect themselves the criminals will find it easier to arm themselves with illegal gun and ammunition purchases.  They're all ready breaking the law, do you really think they're going to go to the store to get their weapons?

However, my favorite new topic this week is stupid parents.

I took my son to his basketball practice and while its painful for me to watch 6 year olds badly run back and forth across the court, I love him and he wants to play so I go.  However I object to the fact that while I am sitting in a nasty public gym with all these boring people the parents of one particular child on my sons team are getting high.  They leave their two other younger children to fend for themselves in the community center while their 7 year old is practicing and go out to their beat up shit box of a car and light one up.  Are you kidding?  You can't wait an hour to get stoned.  They spend 15 minutes outside smoking and then when they come in I have to smell this foul marijuana stench on them. 

How do we solve this problem?

I have a great solution.  (Ok not necessarily great, but it just might work)  My husband and I actively remind our kids all the time that drugs are for poor stupid people.  We watch movies and television and when someone on the program does something really dumb or goes to jail we tell the kids its because they did drugs.  My children love to point out stupid people on drugs in television programs.  Well this evening I told my son that he shouldn't play to much with a particular kid on his team because his parents do drugs.  Now what 6 year old do you know who's going to keep this to himself?  I guarantee that before the next practice my son tells everyone that there are parents who do drugs in the bleachers.  Maybe they'll stop coming to practice and I wont have to see or smell them anymore.  I feel bad for their son, but really lets face it, if his parents can't stay unhigh for an hour of basketball practice there's no amount of extra curricular activities that are going to keep this kid off drugs. 

So as usual I'm the horrid witch who so lovingly pointed out the stoners on the basketball team, thus scaring their child forever and its my fault.  Hmm wonder if these crazy left wing lunatics will blame another youth drug abuser on me? 

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