Friday, February 5, 2010

Bikinis and coffee

So I was perusing the headlines on this morning and came across a "tit"ilizing story.  Many people have partaken in that wonderful eating establishment we know for its owl with the big eyes, yep that's right, HOOTERS.  What wife, mother or girlfriend likes this so called restaurant?  Can't think of any.  I guess if you really look at it, its just girls wearing really short shorts and skin tight shirts with huge boobs serving over priced stale beer and mediocre hot wings.  Well they're not running around in pasties and a thong.

Which takes me to back to that news article from Fox News.  Apparently that little known corporation Starbucks is making it really hard for mom and pop coffee houses to break into that mocha market in Washington and Oregon state.  Solution, have the girls making and serving the coffee in a bikini.  Hmmmm, steaming hot coffee and exposed bare flesh, yep not applying for that job.  But seriously, if you read the article it tells about these bikini clad women who aren't really wearing a bikini, but instead more like pasties and crotchless thongs, while performing lewd acts for customers with the whip cream.  Glad I always order my mocha with no whip, can you say herpes?  Anyway, I'm all for the bikini coffee houses, what are you shocked?  How else are these homegrown coffee houses going to compete with the Starbucks next door and across the street?  Let just keep it to a bikini and no naughty stuff while making my drink.....oh yeah and if my husband starts suddenly drinking coffee after this there will be a problem!

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