Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Tax Dollars

Well, were getting to that time of year again. Many of us are anxiously looking forward to tax refunds and have already spent them 10 different ways. Me, not looking forward to tax time. I know its hard to believe right. But seriously, every year we end up having to pay taxes to either the state or the feds. I really wouldn't be so upset by this, but in case you don't know I live in the wonderful welfare state of California. That's right, the state where they take my hard earned money and give it to some lazy SOB so they can have a good quality of life. Excuse me but when did your sorry ass become too incompetent to get a job. Just the other day I saw a help wanted sign at Taco Bell, get off your fat ass and go get a job. Start contributing to society instead of sucking us dry. I made the mistake of going to the grocery store on Monday. Why is that a mistake you might ask, well Monday was the 1st of the month (the same day the government gives everyone all my tax money in the form of welfare checks.) Every lazy lowlife in town was at the grocery store stocking up on chips, frozen pizza, hohos and Pepsi. Great, can you say diabetes? I can, but hey why should they worry? They also happen to have great state funded health care paid for with my tax dollars. I mean seriously, do you know what a zucchini looks like? (Only when its deep fried from Carls Jr.) Yep, I'm really dreading tax time, because I know it means some fat, lazy ass loser is going to get more of my money so they can spend it on shit they don't deserve.

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