Thursday, December 3, 2009

Working for a living

I know that to some its a novel concept, this whole doing an honest days work for an honest days pay thing.  But is it really that bad?  I mean really?  If you can find a job you enjoy going to everyday, and you don't have to work with a bunch of brown nosing, backstabbing, selfish jerks it can actually be a nice part of the day.  So why, why is it so hard for some people to do this?  Instead they opt to find someone with the financial means to support them and their laziness.  Now I'm not saying lazy is bad sometimes, hell most weekends I live in my sweats and never feel the breeze from outside.  Its those who feel the world owes them and everyday they shouldn't have to do anything.

The world owes you for what?  Your crappy childhood?  The stress of aging parents?  The stress of being a parent?  I'm sorry, but those are the worst excuses I have ever heard!  And just what does the world owe you might I ask?  A new plasma tv, diamonds and rubies, a Hummer, ohh I know an all expense paid trip to Hawaii.  News flash people your not owed any of this.

Sure there are some people who are born into wealth, but somewhere at the beginning someone had that work ethic that earned that pile of cash you are so greedily spending.  And because you were "entitled that cash and the world owed you so much" your not working to keep the pile high, instead your spending it faster than Obama is spending my tax dollars.  Your kids are going to have to pay for your retirement out of their minimum wage.  After all you set such a good example they're not going to get a real job, because money comes from that tree in the back yard.  Hope you like spending your senile years in that crooked home they're always showing on 60 minutes.  You know the one where they feed everyone Alpo for dinner, because they can.

I live in a little tiny house, and I work everyday.  Well I sort of work every day, that is to say I have a job, but somedays I just show up.  Back to my original train of thought.  I live in a little house with my husband and two children.  We have 2 cars that are paid for and my husband also works.  I know what a shock right.  Seriously we can afford a bigger house, newer cars, cable tv and luxury vacations, but then there's no money for me to frivolously spend at Walmart.  Yesterday I received $3000.00 in the mail.  Yep that's right I got 2 checks for $1500.00 and change.  Did I race of to cash them?  Nope!  The money isn't mine and it didn't belong to the person who gave it to me.  It came from a bank account of a crook who was trying to scam me.  I know everyone is thinking, Christmas is only 21 days away, what great timing.  Nope, I don't think so.  God is watching and if I cash those checks I'll be playing chess with Hitler and the person who sent them to me in the afterlife.

Here's the reality

  • If its not yours don't touch it

  • If its not yours don't give it to someone else

  • If you work hard and earn it, it feels so much better

  • Contrary to popular belief there is not get out of hell free card so make smart decisions

I don't want to sound mean or negative (oh who am I kidding, if you know me, you know I'm mean), but really if your too lazy to get off your fat ass and do an honest days work, or at least show up to a job, do you really deserve to share the air I'm breathing.  NO you don't.  You don't deserve anything.  Get off your lazy ass, get a job and earn the right to live here and breath the same air as me.  Earn the right to complain about others and the obstacles life throws at you.  If you can't do something as simple as get a job, do the world a favor and get a shotgun, take your shoe off, and insert your toe in the trigger.

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