Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Stupid People

Have you ever worked with one of those people who is absolutly stupid?  And I mean STUPID!  I have, and luckily I left that branch and thought I didn't have to work with them anymore.  Guess what, I was WRONG, and unfortunatley I have the pleasure of receiving emails daily from this moron asking me the same question, just worded differently.  Can I ignore and blow it off?  Nope, still work for the same company so I have to help her.  It irritates me so much that I have to do this dip shits job and my own.  Shit, fire her dumb ass and give me her paycheck if I'm gonna do her job.  I've never meet someone so inept at doing their job.  Not only is this chick an absolute dumb ass, but she's a fat dumb ass.  Yep, just proving my point that there really is not room in the work force for fat, lazy, stupid people.  For that matter there's no room on the planet for these obese retards!  (I feel bad comparing people who are actually retarded with this loser!)  But seriously, if your too stupid to do your job, you obviously don't deserve it.  If you can't work your going to rely on the government and welfare to take care of you.  Yep, I'm still doing all the work and your sitting on your stupid, lazy, fat ass!  Yep, no place for you on Earth, try Netpune, and leave those of us who are competent and capable of doing our job alone. 

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  1. Hehe - I'm not going to point out that I've noticed a trend that stretches back over the past decade. One that shows that fat retards FLOCK to you. Also, creepy old guys and midgets with personal boundary issues.