Wednesday, February 10, 2010

How to Pay Your Bills With Food Stamps

Yep, the economic situation this country is in has definitley brought more families into dependence on the government for their food supply and other needs.  Really, I'm serious, so many more people are relying on food stamps to assist them in getting by.   There's over 36 Million people in this country who rely on food stamps.  Let me repeat that.....36 MILLION PEOPLE....Holy shit.  Funny thing about those little government assisted food payment devices, they're not stamps any more, they're a little card just like your ATM or credit cards.  So tell me why do we call them food stamps?  So let me ask you, when was the last time you were asked to show your id when you used your credit card or ATM for groceries? 

This takes me to today's rant...If I have $200 on my "Food Stamp" card and I owe you $70 for something or I need to buy some beer I'll use my food stamps.  I just give you my card and pin number and you can go buy $70 worth of groceries and either cancel my debt or give me $70.  No one knows except you and me that I'm paying off my debts or spending government assistance on beer or drugs.  It's great, I'm living the American Dream off your back and tax dollars.  How about we make them show their id to use their food stamps card.  Oh and while we're at it, make them buy healthy food so I can quit paying for their diabetes with tax payer funded healthcare.  Since when is Pepsi, Doritos and pink snowballs a well balanced meal?

Not everyone gives their food stamps to others to pay for things.  If you live in California you've at some point been approached by someone with broken English trying to sell you tamales in a parking lot out of the back of their car.  Just what I want.  Some homemade tamales (they bought the ingredients with their food stamps, or someone elses) that have been sitting in the back of your car for the last 5 hours while you harass everyone in the store as they go in and come out. 

Listen to me Mr. President....QUIT wasting my Fucking tax dollars on useless fucks!  I guess I shouldn't be surprised that you're wasting my money on useless people, I pay your salary don't I.  As one of your many bosses and in the words of Mr. Trump.....YOUR FIRED!


  1. Valid, valid point! Which gives me an idea!

    We should bring back the good old fashioned depression era "bread line".

    Nothing would give me incentive to get off my ass like having to deal with DMV/Post Office levels of government customer service every time I got hungry!

  2. And we know how you like your food comas.

  3. Hi there! I enjoyed your post. I actually found you via Facebook. You commented on Funky Cowgirl's wall regarding a misspelling. I thought it was funny because, although I am not a teacher, it seriously annoys me when people put in writing their severe lack of intelligence. I clicked on your profile and saw your blog and checked that out. So, now that I appear to be a total stalker, I am a follower of your blog as I like your ideology. Feel free to invoke "stalking reciprocity". Have a great evening and give 'em hell!

  4. Missa!! I'm officially tagging you! So read my blog and answer the questions. Teehee! Love you!!