Sunday, March 13, 2011

Brown Chicken, Brown Cow

Ok, here's the deal.  As I was driving home from work the DJ on the radio was saying his 3 year old loved watching this music video and every time it came on his son would get up and sing the song and dance to the video.  Of course to be helpful I have attached the video for you to view before giving you my rational on it.

If you didn't watch the video you might not understand my rant.

Seriously, Is this a video aimed at children or adults?  Who lets their 3 year watch this?  I'm telling you right now if my 8 year old watched this he'd know exactly what those puppets were doing behind the hay bale.  What would Sesame Street and Jim Henson say if they had seen the cleavage on that female puppet? Eat your heart out Miss Piggy! If you want a rack like that your going to have to schedule an appoint with a Fluffing Surgeon.

Secondly, did they really end the video showing a chicken and a cow after doing the deed? Can you see that on Elmo's world.  Ohh Ohh Mr Fish, somethings wrong with Mr Noodles pants.

And why did she rip her eyes and hair off her face?  Anyone see the point in that?  Guess I can't ask for much since the video and song are titled "Brown Chicken Brown Cow"

Really, seriously the stripper pole in the hay loft.  What farmer keeps a stripper pole in the hay loft?  Obviously those are kept in the pole barn.  Hence the term pole.

I'm just not sure what the record label was thinking when they pitched this video idea.  Hey guys I know where we can get a great deal on some trashy farm puppets, lets use them for this video.  Maybe they figured since the song title sounded like a kindergarten lesson the video should appeal to that demographic.

Guess I can't complain too loudly, they could have used real animals...yikes.

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