Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Little Shits

So today my son got in trouble because another kid stole something from someone elses desk and blamed it on him.  HELLOOOOO son, for weeks I've been telling you this kid is a loser and you don't want to be around him.  The little shit took my sons homework and put his name on it.  Now my son is missing his homework and this little fuck got credit for his.

That's not even the beginning.  Today at baseball practice he decided to group up with two of the dumbest 8 year olds this world has ever seen.  Who show up to play baseball in swim trunks and flip flops?  (I'll give you a hint, these two morons.)  So because he chose to practice with these dorks he ended up running laps for over half of practice because they were too busy screwing around.

Grrrrrr.  I told him today that if he keeps hanging out with losers he's going to end up doing drugs and spend time in jail.  Then I told him if he went to jail I'd leave him there.  To harsh?  Maybe, but I'm so tired of him chosing to play with these little shits who's parents would rather buy their children off with toys and video games rather then be a parent and hold their child accountable for their actions.

He has permission tomorrow to tell this kid at school to leave him alone and not come near him any more.  If he gets in trouble for that his dad is going to go down to the school and have words with the principal.  I'm not going to watch my 8 year old become one of those little shits people rant about on their blogs.

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